Silent 4 Inch Grey TPR Stem Caster Wheels With Brake Hot Sales On Amazon For Hospital Beds

Swap and install your new rollers in minutes.Just slide the rod into the base and snap into place.No special tools or hardware are required. Rotate 360 degrees.Smooth, quiet and robust.Rolls easily and does not make any squeaking noises or noise. Ideal for furniture such as TV tables, bedside tables, side cabinets, beauty instruments, strollers, etc. Docile, smooth-rolling wheels move fluidly along all flat surfaces without chewing up the concrete in your garage. They are a solid solution for easily positioning your steel stands to any desired area and other hazards and annoyances. Ideal for light to mediumweight furniture or for transporting goods., Transport castors for the flexible movement of pieces of furniture indoors.

Products Details

Product Description

The medical caster is a special caster to meet the requirements of the hospital, which has the characteristics of light operation, flexible steering, large elasticity, special ultra quiet, wear resistance, anti winding and chemical corrosion resistance. It is mainly divided into light casters (chrome plated bracket round dowel casters, chrome plated bracket hollow rivet casters, chrome plated bracket screw casters, chrome plated bracket bottom plate casters) metal bracket casters (screw type, hollow rivet type, dowel type, bottom plate type); All plastic support castors (movable / fixed type, screw rod type, screw rod stainless steel type, plug rod type and bottom plate type); Medical double wheel casters (economic screw rod type, screw rod type, movable / fixed type and plug rod type), central control casters and medical bag overlay brake casters can fully meet the requirements of various medical environments.

Product specification

Stem Size 40*30mm
Load Height 200mm
Wheel dia 100mm
Width 30mm
Swivel Radius 160mm
Threaded Stem Size M10*15
Material TPR
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color White

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