Hot Selling Foot Master Caster Adjustable Height Leveling

High-quality metal structure, galvanized surface, piano paint on the bottom plate, durable and strong carrying capacity. The new adjustable Fuma wheel is integrated, flexible in deformation, high in wear resistance, large in load, high in stability, uniform in bearing capacity and wide in application range. Usage: These wheels are suitable for industrial machinery equipment, semiconductor equipment, medical machinery, computer racks, furniture, machine tools, etc.

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It is also called horizontal adjustment support foot wheel. It can be used on the profile frame. It is fixed and supported. It can be moved by the roller. It is easy to adjust the height and has the function of dust prevention 1. mobility: the wheel itself has the function of turning and moving, and Fuma casters are no exception. The protective cover of the equipment can be moved to the required place if Fuma casters are used. If the wheels are not installed, it will be difficult to carry, resulting in low efficiency. 2. bearing capacity: the use of Fuma castors can reduce the vibration load and impact compound caused by the moving of the equipment protective cover. To protect the equipment. 3. temperature resistance: Fuma casters have little effect on the place and temperature of use. Even in subzero or high temperature, it can move easily. 4. moisture resistance: use Fuma casters to keep the machine away from the ground, moisture-proof, and increase the service time of the machine. Wear-resistant nylon wheel, non-slip wear-resistant, stable, easy to drive, easy to retract screw, height adjustable, non-slip support base safe and stable, no noise or noise. thick bracket, spray paint, stable, easy to install, strong load-bearing capacity, anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The screw setting can adjust the height horizontally, and the rotation can be easily adjusted.

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Wide application: suitable for conveyor stands, medical equipment, copiers, printers, modular framing enclosures, electronic enclosures, manufacturing machinery and automation enclosures, shop equipment, diagnostic equipment, etc. Material: Stainless Nylon Customized support:OEM, ODM, OBM Place of Origin:ZHE CHINA Color:White

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