Dual wheels design super heavy duty shipping container caster

Standard 45 degree container lock , hardened swivel raceways for extra durability. Double wheel design, cast Iron core with PU tread wheel, more flexible rotation and higher load capacity Many available sizes and loads,optional tread color Optional accessories:Padel Wheel Brake, Training Wheel, Positon Lock

Products Details

Available size 6/8/10/12 Inch
Wheel width 75mm
Load height 239-410mm
Load capacity 1.2-10 tons
Available type Rigid, swivel, swivel with brake
Swivel Radius 73mm
Available accessory Padel Wheel Brake, Positon Lock, Training Wheel, Auxiliary Turning, Secondary Steering Lever
Material PU
Customized support OEM, ODM, OBM
Place of Origin ZHE CHINA
Color Yellow, Orange, Red

Product Description

There are many ways to connect the box lock and the car body. Some are directly welded to the car body, and the lock head can only be rotated but cannot be moved longitudinally. This is called a fixed type; The head can not only rotate but also extend and retract vertically. When not in use, the lock head can be lowered below the bearing surface to suit different standard box types. This is called a lift type; It can be moved, so that the fastening position can be adjusted, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of the vehicle; in addition, there is a plug-in twist lock, the lock shaft extends into the fixed part of the box like a bolt, Generally used in conjunction with other types of twist locks. When the container is hoisted on the vehicle bearing surface, make the corner hole of the container bottom just fall on the position where the lock is installed, and by rotating the handle of the turn lock, the lock head will be fixed at a specified angle position (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees). ) to keep the twist lock in a locked state. For the lift-type twist lock, push the handle longitudinally to lift the lock head, extend into the inner cavity of the bottom corner piece of the container, and then rotate to a specified angle to lock the corner of the container. Some twist locks are equipped with a tightening device, and through tightening, the lock head can press down on the bottom surface of the inner cavity of the corner piece to prevent the box corner from being lifted, thus ensuring more secure and reliable locking.

Product specification

Customer questions & answers

1.Q:What the load capacity of the wheel? A:According to your requirements can be from 1.2 tons to 10 tons 2.Q:Is it possible to order different type? 3.A:Yes, there are three types of caster,Swivel , fixed and Swivel with brake. Q:How to calculate the load capacity for each wheel? A:Generally, 4 wheels are installed per container. But there may be uneven ground, in which case all the weight will be loaded on the three wheels. Therefore, in order to ensure safe use, three wheels are generally used to calculate the load. 4.Q:What’s the wheel dia of the casters? A:6/8/10/12 Inch

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