Pin Thread Stem Swivel Grey Rubber Trolley Caster Double Brake With Bearing

Made of hardened STEEL for toughness.Complete with protective steel thread guards. Galvanized bracket for corrosion resistance and double ball bearing raceway design for high load capacity. high quality gray rubber tread, wear resistant, quiet, no damage to the ground Strong, durable and high quality bracket, move smooth and saving effort

Products Details

2 Inch 2.5 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch 5 Inch
Wheel Diameter 50mm 65mm 75mm 100mm 125mm
Wheel Width 17mm 21mm 21mm 27mm 27mm
Load Height 71mm 91mm 101mm 117mm 154mm
Swivel Radius 45mm 63mm 65mm 84mm 97mm
Plate Size 50*50mm 65*65mm 65*65mm 76*76mm 76*76mm
Hole Spacing 35*35mm 48*48mm 48*48mm 53*53mm 53*53mm
Aperture 6.2*12mm 6.2*12mm 6.2*12mm 8.3*15.3mm 8.3*15.3mm
Threaded Stem Size M10*15 M10*15 M10*15 M12*30 M12*30
Load Capacity 30kg 35kg 45kg 55kg 65kg

Product Description

Polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinyl chloride), English abbreviation PVC, is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) polymerized by peroxide, azo compound and other initiators or under the action of light and heat according to the mechanism of free radical polymerization. . Vinyl chloride homopolymers and vinyl chloride copolymers are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins. PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure with a small degree of branching. The glass transition temperature is 77~90°C, and it begins to decompose at about 170°C. The stability to light and heat is poor. Above 100°C or after long-term sunlight exposure, it will It decomposes to produce hydrogen chloride, and further autocatalytic decomposition, causing discoloration and rapid decline in physical and mechanical properties. In practical applications, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability to heat and light. The molecular weight of industrially produced PVC is generally in the range of 50,000 to 110,000. It has a large polydispersity. The molecular weight increases with the decrease of the polymerization temperature. , 160 ~ 180 ℃ began to transform into a viscous flow state; good mechanical properties, tensile strength of about 60MPa, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ/m2; excellent dielectric properties. PVC was once the largest general-purpose plastic in the world, and it is widely used. It is widely used in building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipes, wires and cables, packaging films, bottles, foam materials, sealing materials, fibers, etc.

Product specification

Common application

1.Industrial storage desk 2.Small equipment handling 3.Furniture

Customer questions & answers

1.Q:how long are the screws it comes with? A:Generally M10*15 2.Q:Is it possible to order two that swivel and two that don't? swivel? 3.A:Yes, there are two types of caster,Swivel and fixed. Q:Can these castors be used outdoors? A:Yes, it is depends on your requirements for caster size and load capacity. 4.Q:What’s the wheel dia of the casters? A:There are 2 to 5 inches

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